Week 1:  Mastering the Basics: Learn How to Chain and Single Crochet

Pattern: Moss Stitch Cowl Scarf

Begin your crochet journey by mastering the foundational stitches – chaining and single crochet.

Are you ready to dive into the wonderful world of crochet? In this beginner’s guide, we’ll introduce you to the foundational stitches that open the door to a world of creativity – chaining and single crochet. Whether you’re a novice looking for a relaxing hobby or someone eager to craft handmade gifts, mastering these basic stitches is your ticket to a rewarding and enjoyable crochet journey. Let’s get started on this creative adventure!

Why Mastering the Basics Matters:

Chaining and single crochet might seem really basic, but they are the building blocks for more complex stitches, patterns, and techniques. Seriously, you will use these two stitches in basically every pattern. As you gain confidence with these stitches, you’ll unlock the ability to create beautiful scarves, cozy blankets, cute amigurumi, and so much more. With a solid foundation, your creative possibilities are limitless!

Chaining – Let’s get started!

The chain stitch – abbreviated as (ch) – is where you lay the groundwork for your crochet project. Unless your project starts with a magic chain, or you’re crocheting around something, you will start with a chain. Here’s how you create the chain stitch:

1. Hold your crochet hook comfortably in your dominant hand, and choose your favorite yarn color to get started.

2. Make a slip knot and place it on the hook.

3. Yarn over (YO) by wrapping the yarn around the hook from back to front.

4. Pull the YO through the slip knot loop, creating a new loop on the hook – that’s your first chain stitch!

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have the desired number of chains for your project.

Single Crochet – Building the Foundation:

Now that you’ve laid the groundwork with chaining, it’s time to build upon it with the single crochet (sc) stitch. This stitch adds texture and structure to your work. Here’s how to work a single crochet:

1. Insert your hook into the second chain from the hook (skip the first chain).

2. Yarn over and pull up a loop, so you have two loops on the hook.

3. Yarn over again and pull through both loops on the hook – one loop remains, and you’ve completed your first single crochet!

4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 in each chain across the row.

Practice Makes Perfect:

As with any new skill, practice makes progress! Don’t worry about perfection; instead, focus on enjoying the process. Your tension may vary, but that’s part of the beauty of handmade creations. If your stitches are too tight or too loose, simply adjust your grip on the yarn and hook until you find what feels comfortable for you.

Congratulations! You’ve taken the first steps into the delightful world of crochet by mastering the basics of chaining and single crochet. Remember, with a little practice and a lot of creativity, you can create an array of beautiful and useful crochet items. So, grab your hook, choose your yarn, and let your imagination take flight. Happy crocheting!

Moss Stitch Cowl Scarf

Now that we know how to single crochet, chain, and slip stitch, we are going to use all of these skills to create the moss stitch cowl scarf!


This pattern can be made using any size hook and yarn. I have created mine using:

  • acrylic yarn weight size 4, medium
  • 4.25 mm Crochet Hook
  • Darning Needle
  • Ruler or measuring tape

Cowl Scarf Sizing Chart

Kids and Teens27″ – 29″


CH- Chain

SC- Single Crochet

SS- Slip Stitch: Insert your hook into the stitch, YO and pull through both loops on your hook.

The Pattern

Make a foundation chain that measures to the appropriate length. The chain must be an uneven number. Attach the first and last chain with a slip stitch.

Pro Tips:

When you add stitches on top of your foundation chain it will stretch a little (or a lot) depending on the type of yarn and size of your hook. When measuring your length, stretch your chain a little.

Be careful to not twist the chain before attaching.

Row 1: CH 2, skip one stitch, sc in the next stitch. *CH 1, skip one stitch, sc in the next stitch.* Repeat the part between the *’s until you get to your starting CH 2. CH 1 and SS into the top of the CH 2.

Row 2: CH 1, SC into the CH 2 space. *CH 1, skip one stitch, SC into the CH 1 space from the previous row.* Repeat the part between the *’s until you get to the starting SC. SS into the SC.

Repeat Row 1 and Row 2 until you reach the desired width of your cowl scarf.

Yay! You did it!

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