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5 Row Crochet Scrunchie Pattern

5 Row Crochet Scrunchie

Created by: Lauren

Date created: June 2023

Difficulty: Intermediate

A very brief history of the scrunchie

Scrunchies are great for creating lift while being extra gentle on your hair and I for one am so excited that they are back in style. Add the fact that crochet clothing and accessories are also trending and I’m 100% in heaven. Scrunchies were created in the 1960s but weren’t actually patented until 1987 by Rommy Hunt Revson. Looking for a gentler version of the current hair ties used at the time, Rommy created a prototype and the rest is history.

About this crochet scrunchie pattern

I wanted to create an easy crochet scrunchie pattern to make and sell crochet scrunchies at our local farmer’s market. With a yarn stash like mine, I knew I would be able to create tons of variety and it would be an eye-catching item to draw people in. These work up fairly quickly. I can crochet a scrunchie in about 15 minutes. I love the fullness of a traditional scrunchie and wanted to maintain it while also using an interesting but simple crochet stitch. Because these crochet scrunchies are so thick, they leave even thin hair beautifully wavy when used in a messy bun.

This pattern includes basic stitches done in the back loops only to create extra texture. I purchased my hair ties from the dollar store. I like to use the ones that don’t have the metal pieces and they usually come in black or a variety of colors. The only thing that makes this pattern intermediate is connecting the last row to the first. Rather than labeling it as easy, I figured I’d err on the side of caution.

Stitch Key








Crochet hook- Size H or 5mm

Worsted weight yarn

Darning Needle (optional)

Hair Tie


CAST ON CH1. 45 SC around the hair tie. Join with a SS to the CH1.

ROW 1-5 CH1. DC BLO around and join with a SS into the CH1.

CAST OFF CH1. Turn your work so the last row is coming through the middle of the scrunchie. SS through the BLO of your last row AND the FLO of the first row together. cast off and use your darning needle or crochet hook to weave your ends

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