Crochet Patterns

This page is your gateway to free crochet patterns, all created with care by me, Lauren, to spark joy and inspiration in your crafting journey. Whether you’re just starting to explore the wonders of crochet or you’re a seasoned crafter looking for your next challenge, you’re in the right place. From snuggly blankets, chic accessories, and beyond, each pattern is designed to be created with ease and be a beautiful addition to your wardrobe or home. Embark on this crafting adventure with me, and let’s bring beautiful, handmade items to life, one stitch at a time.

Are you new to crochet or want to learn new stitches? Take a look at our Learn To Crochet page to learn all you need to know to make any of our patterns!

  • Moss Stitch Cowl Scarf

    Moss Stitch Cowl Scarf

  • Double Crochet Beanie

    Double Crochet Beanie

  • 5 Row Crochet Scrunchie Pattern

    5 Row Crochet Scrunchie Pattern